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Complete and Partial Dentures

Tooth loss is one of the most troubling dental problems, leading to multiple long-term health issues both physically and emotionally. Dentures have been the tried-and-true method to correct tooth loss for centuries, and modern dentistry has made them more comfortable and effective than ever before.

Leading Dental Solutions provides custom-crafted dentures in Lansdale, PA and the surrounding communities. Dr. David Kaffey and his team use their skill and experience to create dentures that function well, feel good, and flatter your features. If you believe dentures may be the right treatment option for you, schedule a visit to our Lansdale dental office today.

Custom-Fitted Dentures for Optimal Dental Health

Dr. Kaffey takes great care and time to ensure that your dentures fit you well and function at peak efficacy. Every step of the process is performed with expert precision and attention to you, your needs, and your concerns.

The dentures process at Leading Dental Solutions always includes a thorough exam, bite registration, design consultation, and adjustments as needed. We work with a reliable dental lab to produce high-quality dentures, and our design experience and careful attention to detail ensure that the dentures will fit well, and will look and function as naturally as possible.

Complete or Partial Dentures – Which are Best for You?

Dentures come in two styles, complete or partial. While complete dentures replace an entire arch, partial dentures can be used to replace groups of teeth, anchored to your remaining healthy teeth to stay in place. Which style is right for you will depend on the state of your dental health – how many teeth you still have, their position in the mouth, and how healthy they are.

Dr. Kaffey examines your teeth thoroughly to evaluate the best approach to your dentures. He will take a bite registration, which determines where your teeth meet and how biting pressure is distributed. This information is used not only for planning but for designing your dentures as well.

If the remaining teeth are healthy and well positioned to hold a dental device in place, we will plan for partial dentures. If they are not likely to last long, however, extracting them to make room for full dentures may be the better option. Dr. Kaffey will explain all your options to you in detail, empowering you to make a careful and informed decision about your dental health.

Top Quality Dentistry in Lansdale

At Leading Dental Solutions, our focus is in providing each patient the care they need with an uncompromising level of quality. From our dental expertise to our friendly atmosphere, we work to ensure that you feel comfortable and cared for at every point during your visit. Contact our office to make an appointment today!

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