Traditional and Implant-Supported Dentures to Restore Your Bite, Smile, and Self-Confidence

Dentures from our Lansdale, PA, practice are an effective way to restore your smile after widespread tooth loss. At Leading Dental Solutions, we offer custom-made removable restorations. Thanks to our personalized and meticulous care, your denture will fit comfortably and firmly in your mouth and successfully restore your oral function, allowing you to enjoy a strong, healthy bite. In collaboration with skilled oral surgeons, Dr. David M. Kaffey offers advanced implant-supported dentures. A fixed prosthetic can be an outstanding investment in your long-term oral health, thanks to its unrivaled benefits. These advantages include even greater stability as well as protection for your jawbone health. Your dentist can determine the right type of dentures for you during a thorough exam and consultation.

Are You a Candidate for Dentures?

If you are missing most or all of your teeth in the upper or lower arch, you could be a good candidate for dentures. If you have suffered widespread decay, advanced gum disease, or who have suffered a serious dental trauma will need to have these issues addressed before Dr. Kaffey  will recommend you for dentures. For example, you may require extractions or periodontal care to remove decayed teeth or diseased gum tissue.

Implant-supported dentures can also replace large numbers of teeth. Because the dental implants will be surgically set in your jawbone, healthy bone tissue is vital. If you have suffered bone recession, you will have a much greater risk for implant failure. Fortunately, a bone graft procedure can restore lost tissue as well as your eligibility for implants. Dr. Kaffey can determine your need for this preparatory treatment, and can work with your oral surgeon to create your treatment plan.

Traditional Removable Dentures

Traditional dentures are designed to fit over your gums using a removable plastic base. Suction and adhesive will keep the prosthetic in place. Thanks to new fabrication methods and advanced materials, modern dentures are far more realistic and secure than older prosthetics. Dr. Kaffey will take impressions of your mouth and photos of your natural teeth. That way, the lab can design a stunningly lifelike restoration that will restore your smile as well as fill in your lips and cheeks. Traditional dentures are an affordable option, and they are often covered by insurance.

There are two sizes of traditional dentures. Full prosthetics will replace your entire dental arch or both your upper and lower teeth simultaneously. A partial denture will restore a large number of teeth, using hidden metal clasps that clip on to your remaining teeth.

Thanks to new fabrication methods and advanced materials, today’s dentures are far more realistic and secure than older prosthetics.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If desired, we can also provide an implant-supported full or partial denture. This type of restoration will perform the same function as a traditional prosthetic. However, instead of having a plastic base, it will be secured in place by implant posts. Dr. Kaffey  do not place implants; however, after determining your candidacy for this type of restoration, we can refer you to a trusted oral surgeon. Healing from implant surgery usually takes four to six months, after which one of our doctors can attach your denture.  In some cases, you may qualify for same-day dental implants.

The vast majority of dentists consider implants to be the top method of tooth replacement. When you receive this restoration, it will never wiggle or slip around in your mouth.  Therefore, you can enjoy greater oral function, peace of mind, and self-confidence. An implant-supported denture will also look very realistic because it will sit right on your gum line. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the effect that implants will have on your long-term oral health. Because implants replace your tooth roots, they will send regenerative signals to your jaw, which will prevent bone recession and additional tooth loss.

Find Out Which Type of Dentures Is Right for You

To learn more about the various types of dentures and the most suitable option for your needs, call our office at (215) 368-6636 or contact Leading Dental Solutions online. Our doctors have helped many patients restore their smiles after widespread tooth loss, and they can recommend a restorative solution to meet your needs. 

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